Liquid Media were asked to come up with a lighting solution for the Airbus Beluga XL press event that fell on Valentine’s Day.


There were a number of challenges to overcome. The crew set up the lighting rig during the day, next to a busy runway and without the new aircraft to position and focus the lights. It was also a very bright day adding to the challenge of creating an effective lighting solution.


The Liquid Media team used high powered outdoor moving lights to illuminate the aircraft. Throughout the setup day the smaller, original Beluga flew into the airport and paused momentarily allowing the lighting crew to position the lighting. The Beluga XL is a far larger aircraft so Liquid Media’s lighting designer had to take this into account and make adjustments when positioning each of the 30 spotlights.


The event was attended by local and national media and made headline news. When the Beluga XL landed early evening, it created a real social media buzz with stunning lighting effects including hearts to celebrate its arrival and Valentine’s Day. Airbus commented on the professionalism of the Liquid Media team working in an airside environment with particular praise for their approach to health and safety.